ACTION ALERT: NYS Save the Turtles!


This comes by way of the wonderful Empty Cages Collective based out of NYC.  Snapping turtles in NY state are in trouble.  Here’s the release from ECC:

Urgent! New Yorkers Please Help Stop Horrific Abuse & Killing of Turtles!

The New York State Legislature has introduced a destructive bill (A2490) legalizing the capture and killing of snapping turtles by hand, hook, spear, clubbing, and hoop trapping. Snapping turtles have few protections under current law and these changes will dramatically increase the danger to these vulnerable animals, and enshrine yet another form of animal cruelty into New York Law. This ugly legislation could result in thousands of more turtles being cruelly killed in the state of New York.

The bill has passed the Senate and is currently in the Assembly Codes Committee. This proposed legislation is inhumane and based on bad science. Turtles are already vulnerable to an existing multitude of threats such as loss of habitat, mortality rates of pregnant females crossing roadways, high hatchling death rates etc. Killing snapping turtles by traps and by clubbing them to death will only increase their population loss and increase the suffering these unfortunate animals already endure. Turtles need to be protected, not killed!

Would you please make a 30 second call ( simply leave a message with the receptionist) and email to the following legislators asking them to defeat A2490!

1. Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver – (518) 455- 3791.

2. Assemblyman Joseph Lentol Chair of Codes – (518) 455-4100

Help Empty Cages Collective protect New York State’s Reptile! Please share the information with your turtle loving friends and family.

You DON’T have to by a NY state resident to help out with this.  This isn’t getting a lot of media attention, so I urge to you help/share/spread the word!  Here’s an additional link for Joseph Lentol, Chair of Codes.  Be a voice for the turtles!

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