Chop’t Free Salad Giveaway!

We all know how much of a fan I am of Chop’t Creative Salad Company, yes?  Well I have some exciting news!  I have been featured in a push for their #VeganTastesBetter campaign!  Click on over to their blog and check out my recommendations to craft the perfect vegan salad.  Don’t forget to like Chop’t on Facebook and follow them on Twitter!

Check out all the vegan dressing options at Chop't!

Check out all the vegan dressing options at Chop’t!

In celebration, I have FIVE FREE SALAD cards to giveaway!  Enter below in order to win.  Winners will be chosen and notified next week.

Click here to enter to win a free salad from Chop’t from Jersey City Vegan!

I have not been paid to promote this campaign – I am seriously just a huge fan of Chop’t!

Guest Blogger, Amy Wilson: Jersey City’s Westside Gem

There are many things I love about living in Jersey City’s Westside – the park and open space, the laid back vibe, the beautiful and historic homes – but having many restaurant options isn’t one of them. There are very, very few places to eat around here for anyone (let alone a vegan) unless you really love fried chicken or greasy Chinese food. Filipino food also abounds, but it is very meat heavy and it’s hard to find anything at all on a menu that would be suitable to vegetarians and vegans.

So when my husband stumbled across the new spot Sweet Asia (456 West Side Avenue, at Virginia Street), he practically raced home to tell me the good news. Not only was there a new place (a wonderful surprise in itself), it appeared to be vegan-friendly! A couple of hours later, we were off to check it out, and we were incredibly pleased with what we found.

First off, Sweet Asia is what I would call “pan-Asian cuisine.” That’s a little misleading, though; it has a small menu of a couple of selections from different cultures, not the mega-menu of other pan-Asian places (think: Wild Fusion downtown). Sweet Asia has a mix of different cuisines, sure, but it’s a very selective list.

There is Korea, represented by fried rice (alas! none of it vegan!); Japan, by udon soup (more on that in a minute); China, with wonton soup; and then India, with a variety of dishes, many of which I haven’t seen on menus in Jersey City before – or menus anywhere, for that matter. To add to the mix, there are dumplings that are of indeterminate origin (closer to Japanese, but that’s just my opinion) and seem to be completely homemade. And of course the ubiquitous bubble tea that all the local places here have gravitated to, the base of which includes dairy (darn!).

My husband and I arrived starving with a bunch of cash in our pockets and spoke to the guy running the place. His English was a little tricky, but we were able to tell him that we wanted “vegetarian, no egg” food (since dairy doesn’t play a big role in Asian cuisine). There were many options listed on the menu that would seem to fit the bill, especially under the Indian section. There was the Lilva Kachori (fried crispy dumpling filled with green pigeon peas and coconut), Spicy Potato Pakoda (baby potatoes filled with chili garlic sauce), Dabeli (spiced potatoes in a bun with a layer of peanuts, pomegranates and sweet/spicy sauce), and Pani-Puri (crispy semolina pearls filled with sprouts, potatoes and chilled mint flavored water).

Sadly, there were only a few things on the menu available (this is quite standard for restaurants on the Westside – they tend to sell out of what they have and not always restock). We told the guy that we’d take anything that met our dietary conditions, and he seemed thrilled by the challenge. We wound up with veggie dumplings (steamed, fresh, and absolutely delicious), Moong dal Kachori (fried crispy dumplings filled with yellow lentil – a very different take on a samosa-like dish than I’m used to, but very good), and Dal Pakodas (I think? These would be unlike any Pakodas I’ve had before. The menu listed them as green lentil fritters with coconut sauce – picture falafels, but saltier and spicier). Everything we ordered was terrific and seemed to be made in-house. The guy working there served us with pride and happiness, and a beaming smile.

So now we were at the point where you look at one another and say – hmmm, that was amazing, but I’m still a tiny bit hungry. What to do? Go home and snack a bit? Or try and see if the guy has forgotten something on the menu that we can eat?

We wound up splitting a bowl of vegetable udon soup. It was fantastic. Containing as many bright, fresh veggies as noodles, the soup was a really satisfying meal (and at the point where we were halfway through with it, we had descended into gluttony – at that point, we had had more than enough food!). The veggies were a mix of bok choy, mushrooms, carrots, and sprouts – delicious. I tend to avoid udon soup in restaurants because it generally winds up to be a big carb fest with little pay off; this was something very different indeed.

Oh, and the best part? The bill for two of us and a totally waistline-destroying mega-dinner was under $18. Viva la Jersey City!

One caveat that I think is important to mention:

If you are the kind of vegan who is put off by the thought of your food being cooked in a shared kitchen, or if eating something that has an infinitesimal amount of possible animal by-product in it makes you freak out, this is probably not a good choice for you. In fact, you can just skip the Westside all together. This is not an all-vegan restaurant, and while the guy serving us was beyond happy to work with our restrictions, it is possible that a minute amount of something wound up in our food. It’s a risk you take with all not-all-vegan restaurants. I don’t want to misrepresent this place. But! I personally will be back, many, many times, and look forward to sampling all on their menu.

amywilsonAmy Wilson is an artist who lives in the Lincoln Park section of Jersey City. She has lived in her current neighborhood for over ten years, and in Jersey City for about 18. Her artwork is represented by BravinLee programs ( in NYC, and she teaches at the School of Visual Arts in the Visual & Critical Studies program. You can see her work at Additionally, she spins yarn from local fiber sources and sells knitted/woven/crocheted items under the name Type A Fibers ( at a variety of venues in the tri-state area. She can often be found in Lincoln Park, picking mulberries and walking her small dog named Oscar.

Action Alert! Ban on Gestation Crates for Pigs in NJ

Earlier this year, the New Jersey legislature passed bill NJ A.3250 / S.1921, a Bill to Ban Cruel Confinement of Breeding Pigs by a vote of 60 to 5 in the Assembly and 29 to 4 in the Senate.  This bill prohibited the confinement of sows in gestation crates, requiring they be provided with room to stand up, extend their limbs and turn around (imagine that – allowing an animal to turn around!).  This passed both the NJ Assembly and Senate, and held wide support amongst residents of NJ (91% supported the legislation!) but unfortunately the bill was vetoed by Governor Chris Christie.

In case you aren’t aware, factory farms often confine their sows to gestation crates where they will exist (I say exist because they are certainly not living, not in these conditions) until they are ready to give birth, and essentially their entire life until they are considered spent and sent to slaughter.  These gestation crates are so small, sows will essentially go crazy – biting the bars, swaying side to side, sure signs of stress and discomfort.  In order to relate, gestation crates have often been compared to being stuck in economy class on an aircraft… but to me even that is luxury compared to what these sows are put through.

Gestation crates in a factory farm

Gestation crates in a factory farm

Fortunately, Senator Ray Lesniak is leading the fight to override this veto.  Animal rights groups and organizations have joined up (of course) and this issue has even garnered the attention of Martha Stewart.  The ASPCA and Human Society are sponsoring demonstrations and actions (phone banks, door to door campaigns) leading up to November 18th, when the state legislature will make their vote to override.  I urge you all to spread the word about this, sign up to volunteer, make phone calls, post on social media, write letters to the editor… anything you can think of will help.  Spread the word that New Jerseyans won’t stand for this kind of animal cruelty, despite what Chris Christie thinks is best for the ones that stand to make a profit from their suffering.  Of course, we all know the BEST way to help these animals is by adopting a VEGAN lifestyle.  That is the only way we can really end the suffering once and for all.


ASPCA Action Alert Press Release – Protest on November 16th

Write/Call your Representative/Senator – Find your legislator here

Send a message via HSUS

Please if you can CALL YOUR LEGISLATOR and follow-up with an email.  Join the demonstrations.  The pigs are counting on us!

#VeganTastesBetter: A Vegan Tasting Event @ Chop’t

Helllooooooo lovely internet world!  It is I, the Jersey City Vegan!  I am back in blogging business.  In case you didn’t know, I got married last month and therefore had taken quite the hiatus from blogging.  The wedding itself will be its own forthcoming blog post, once I have our profession photos and all, as our wedding was entirely vegan from start to finish!

Back to what brings me here today…  

On the evening of October 30th, I had the pleasure of attending Chop’t Creative Salad Company’s #VeganTastesBetter event.  I learned from one of the founders, Tony Shure, that they as a company have taken a great interest in vegan food.  I mean, of course they’re a salad company so that itself by nature is a vegan food.  But their whole foundation is based on getting people to make healthier food choices, even if it means they’re having a salad with steak on it.  But back to what Tony was saying…

Tony Shure, co-founder of Chop't

Tony Shure, co-founder of Chop’t

“Vegan food is the future,” he said, much to my absolute delight!  Chop’t wants to be on the forefront of that, and that is what this tasting was all about.  I’m not sure how many vegan folks were there… in fact, I would venture to guess that Melissa & I may have been a minority.  But, I think that is a good thing.  To have an omnivore, or anyone really, choose to eat a vegan meal, and to have that vegan meal stand on its own two proverbial feet up against other meals is really kind of a big deal!  In this animals-as-food-centric world, we need more meals like this available to everyone!  Not just a humus wrap… the bane of my existence… something that is just thrown on the menu to satisfy a quota.  Chop’t has gone above and beyond that – they have taken time, thought and massive creativity to develop and deliver delicious vegan food.

Adobo Tofu Bite

Adobo Tofu

To start off, they offered up a selection of bites.  I think their goal here was to gauge different flavor profiles and combinations to see what people thought of them.  The first one pictured is my favorite of the evening, the Adobo Tofu with pickled onions & plantain chip and jalapeno pesto dressing.  The tofu’s adobo seasoning was deliciously smokey, paired with the sweetness (and crunch!) of the plantain and the tart of the pickled onion & olive was a delight to my taste buds.  Five out of Five stars.

Braised Chili Tempeh

Braised Chili Tempeh

Next up was the Braised Chili Tempeh with mango, red pepper, cilantro and a garlic lime vinaigrette.  This was a delicious manifestation of everything you could want when it comes to sweet and spicy.  The dressing, albeit delicious, was a tad off for me to go with this bite but I still gave it 4 out of 5 stars.

Lemon Pepper Tempeh

Lemon Pepper Tempeh

Last up was the Lemon Pepper Tempeh with nori and pickled cucumbers finished with a chili cashew dressing.  Oh.  Heavens.  To.  Betsy.  I am a fiend for that chili cashew dressing.  It’s not on the menu yet in stores, but golly I hope they bring in and sooner rather than later!  I think this dressing was better suited for the last bite, and I’d bet if you swapped the dressings therein would lie the rub for scrumptious flavor combos for these two!  Even though I went gaga for the dressing, this one got three out of five stars because of the mis-matched dressing.

At this point in the evening, we were hard at work filling out our forms about the bites when we were approached by Tony himself.  I didn’t know he was the founder at the time, and to be honest I thought it was a little weird that this “random guy” was so interested in our thoughts.  It soon came out that he was the founder, and like a goober I was just like oh my gosh!  Of COURSE you would be asking us all of these questions!  *points at self*  Goober.  Anyway, we had a fantastic discussion about veganism, why we are vegan, and thoughts about what they could offer to better make a vegan experience at Chop’t.  I learned that one of the biggest complaints is “contamination” of ingredients to which I offered my suggestion – move the tofus!  Tofu currently lives on the side of the choppings station along with the meats and dairy.  By switching them over to the veggie side, there will be much less risk of “contamination”!  I was really impressed at Tony’s desire to know what the guests want – I witnessed him asking many times that night, “what would YOU like to see?” or “what would YOU like to have?” or “what do YOU think would make it better?”  And don’t you worry, I totally suggested they look into carrying Beyond Meat!


Filling out the form!

And now for the real stars of the evening – the fully realized vegan salads!  Their wonderful Chef Aneesha (sorry I don’t recall your last name, but you’re fabulous!) spoke about how she isn’t into “faking it with food” and how cooking without meat or dairy has had her really focus on her technique.  She and her team have been using new and/or honing their techniques in the kitchen using plant-based ingredients to create dressings (in particular) that are creamy and delicious.


Berkeley Harvest Salad

The Berkeley Harvest salad is the new seasonal salad that will be making it’s debut this month!  This salad features quinoa, lemon pepper tempeh, local roasted kombocha squash and beets, served over a medley of romaine lettuce, spinach and kale with their Meyer lemon Dijon vinaigrette.  I’ve yet to see a salad joint offer tempeh, so props to Chop’t for catching on with that one!  The nutty richness of the tempeh, paired with the earthy squash & beets and the tang of the dressing leaves your taste buds feeling warm on the inside and crisp on the outside, just like a perfect autumn day!  Four out of five stars.


Mexicali Vegan Salad

The Mexicali Vegan (TM) is the newest addition to the Chop’t Classics menu!  A robust mix of avocado, hearts of palm, tomato, black beans, tortilla chips and jalapeno, over romaine and mesculun lettuce finished with their zesty Mexican Goddess Dressing, the Mexicali Vegan is as zesty as it sounds!  It’s like your salad took a trip to Cancun for spring break but without the terrible hangover and bad decisions.  As a vegan walking into a salad joint, how awesome is it to be able to walk up and order a vegan salad as-is!  People (read: non-vegans) might be surprised to hear that, but it’s true!  And again, to have it not be some humus bullpucky is even better in my book!  Four out of five stars.


Vegan Summer Roll Salad

Last, but certainly not least is the Vegan Summer Roll salad.  My taste buds surely died and went to heaven.  The Vegan Summer Roll is Satay tempeh, Way Better Sweet Chili tortilla chips, vermicelli rice noodles, pickled broccoli & carrot slaw served over purple cabbage, romaine lettuce and cilantro topped with chili cashew dressing.  Y’all.  This is a banh-mi in salad form!  I am a FIEND for any foods Asian-style and spicy and this salad is IT!  It had the spice, it had the tang, it had the crunch – it is like the salad chupacabra I’ve been looking for all my life.  Much to my chagrin, this was just some kind of tester salad and there was no info given to me as to when I’ll be able to put this salad in my belly 5x a week.  I fear I will have to wait until next summer… but oh, it will be worth waiting for!  I wish I could have given this salad ten stars, but had to settle for five out of five stars.

They had this fun little ingredients guessing game set up where you could win free stuff (salads, I think!).  I felt like I was on Top Chef, but vegan and without the pretentious egos.  I haven’t heard yet if I won, so I probably didn’t, but it was fun testing and guessing none-the-less!


Ingredients Guessing Game!

As you can see, this was a pretty exciting event!  I’m a huge fan of Chop’t as it is, (it being one of the few options I can go to for lunch in the vegan wasteland that Midtown East can be) but now after hearing about what kind of steps this company is making towards embracing vegan food I’m like a Chop’t superfan!  Their whole crew was awesome, and the event was simply a delight.  I loved feeling like my suggestions were being heard, that they cared about vegans as customers instead of just an afterthought and that they gave me a bottle of that freaking delicious chili cashew dressing to take home!  This is a company leading the way when it comes to how it views the vegan diner – something I’m proud to have contributed towards by attending this event!  Thank you guys so much for being so fantastic and open-minded.  I really love this place!

ACTION ALERT: NYS Save the Turtles!


This comes by way of the wonderful Empty Cages Collective based out of NYC.  Snapping turtles in NY state are in trouble.  Here’s the release from ECC:

Urgent! New Yorkers Please Help Stop Horrific Abuse & Killing of Turtles!

The New York State Legislature has introduced a destructive bill (A2490) legalizing the capture and killing of snapping turtles by hand, hook, spear, clubbing, and hoop trapping. Snapping turtles have few protections under current law and these changes will dramatically increase the danger to these vulnerable animals, and enshrine yet another form of animal cruelty into New York Law. This ugly legislation could result in thousands of more turtles being cruelly killed in the state of New York.

The bill has passed the Senate and is currently in the Assembly Codes Committee. This proposed legislation is inhumane and based on bad science. Turtles are already vulnerable to an existing multitude of threats such as loss of habitat, mortality rates of pregnant females crossing roadways, high hatchling death rates etc. Killing snapping turtles by traps and by clubbing them to death will only increase their population loss and increase the suffering these unfortunate animals already endure. Turtles need to be protected, not killed!

Would you please make a 30 second call ( simply leave a message with the receptionist) and email to the following legislators asking them to defeat A2490!

1. Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver – (518) 455- 3791.

2. Assemblyman Joseph Lentol Chair of Codes – (518) 455-4100

Help Empty Cages Collective protect New York State’s Reptile! Please share the information with your turtle loving friends and family.

You DON’T have to by a NY state resident to help out with this.  This isn’t getting a lot of media attention, so I urge to you help/share/spread the word!  Here’s an additional link for Joseph Lentol, Chair of Codes.  Be a voice for the turtles!

I’ve got the scoop – The Cinnamon Snail!

Friends of the NYC Metro Area!

The Cinnamon Snail will debuting new menu items as of TOMORROW May 14. This is exciting news for all of us Snail lovers. Not because we dislike the other menu items, but more because we know how freaking delicious everything this truck puts out truly tastes! So, without further adieu, here is their official press release! Don’t forget Jersey City peeps – Snaily comes back to Chilltown starting this THURSDAY at the HDSID Farmer’s Market at the Grove St. PATH plaza.

Monday May 13
For Immediate Release:

It’s that time of year again! The Cinnamon Snail food truck is debuting a new menu TOMORROW (Tuesday May 14) in the Financial District on Wall St. and Water.
I am really confident about this incarnation of our menu, and I think this is going to be the best selection our truck has ever had.These new items are in addition to our really large breakfast and lunch menu. The full menu is available on our website

Here are the new menu items, donuts, and other special stuff:


Thai BBQ tempeh with pickled onions and Thai basil, arugula, smoked chili roasted peanuts, and sriracha mayonnaise on grilled spelt bread

Red plum pancakes with chamomile blood orange syrup, cardamom butter, smoked almonds and candied lemon rind

Seitan al pastor with beer battered jalapeños, greens, grilled pineapple and chipotle mayonnaise on grilled baguette

Basil pesto grilled tofu with white truffle cashew cheese, kalamata olive tapenade, arugula, and caramelized onions on garlic grilled baguette

Fiery black sesame tempeh salad with kale, arugula, kimchi and spiced cashews

New Seasonal Donuts:

-Toasted pistachio donuts with cardamom glaze
-Coffee Ice cream Sunday Donuts (chocolate cake donut with coffee glaze, espresso beans, ground dark chocolate and smashed sugar cones)
-Meyer Lemon Twists
-Brown Sugar Beer Glazed

Star anise coconut milk iced coffee
Salted caramel dutch cocoa iced coffee
We now offer really nice gluten-free millet-flax bread! The following sandwiches can be made completely gluten-free if you ask for them on the new bread: Creole grilled tofu, Thai bbq tempeh, maple mustard tempeh, and basil pesto tofu. Gluten free bread is available for an extra dollar.

Starting this Thursday May 16, we will also be serving dinner every Thursday at the Grove St. Farmers Market in Jersey City.

Mondays- 48th and 6th (but sometimes we visit Dumbo or Varick st. on this day)
Tuesdays- Wall st. and Water
Wednesdays- Broadway between 55th and 56th
Thursdays- 21st and 5th (11:00-3:00), Jersey City Farmers Market (4:00-8:00)
Fridays- Park ave. between 46th and 47th
Saturdays- Various Locations
Sundays- Red Bank, NJ

Fans track our daily location, specials, and event updates on twitter: @veganLunchTruck or on Facebook:

Awards, Info and Accolades of the Cinnamon Snail:

We are the country’s first organic vegan food truck, started in February 2010.
The Cinnamon Snail won the 2012 People’s Choice Vendy Award
The Cinnamon Snail is a 2010, 2011, and 2012 Vendy award nominee
The Cinnamon Snail won the 2011 Vendy award for their vanilla bourbon creme brulee donuts
Listed in the New York Post’s top trends of 2012
Highly rated on the New York Magazine Approval Matrix
Full 5 star Yelp rating with over 400 reviews
Winner of Mobile Cuisine Magazine’s “America’s Favorite Vegetarian Food Truck” in 2012
Named “The Best Food Truck in NYC” by Gothamist
We were named the #1 vegetarian street food in America by PETA 2011
We were awarded a 2011 Libby award for best east coast food truck
Named as one of the top ten food trucks in the country by in 2010
Winner of the 2012 VegNews Veggie Award for best vegetarian food truck in America
Featured on the Food Network, Cooking Channel, New York Times, Time Out NY, Vegetarian Times, Veg News, New York Magazine, and New York Post.

Make heed and get thee to the Snaily ASAP!

A cat named Jimmmy

A few nights ago I received a message from PJ McKosky (Founder of Empty Cages Collective) telling me there is a sweet black cat at Animal Care and Control that is going to be killed the next morning, would we be able to foster him?  Aside from a little bit of a cold, he is otherwise healthy.  Of course, we said yes.

Jimmmy's "official" photo from Animal Care & Control

Jimmmy’s “official” photo from Animal Care & Control

We had always hesitated about fostering cats in the past.  After all, we’ve already got four, two of which don’t get along very well.  However, when faced with death or coming to stay with us, we have to choose the latter!  After we agreed, it was arranged that Jimmmy would be delivered Friday night after I got home from work.  As a solution for possible disagreements between cats, and for Jimmmy’s safety, we purchased a large kennel crate.  I set it up with a litter box, a cozy towel bed, food and water and a little toy.  (Big shout out to Fussy Friends of Jersey City!  When I was purchasing the crate and told the owner what I was doing, he generously donated a bag full of cat food samples as well as a little toy for Jimmmy.  Big high fives to them!)

Jimmmy's cozy set up

Jimmmy’s cozy set up

Jimmmy was delivered around 6:15pm, by the Wheels of Hope.  I caught a glimpse of him briefly before he was transferred to my carrier… a sweet black kitty with glowing yellow eyes, chatting away.  I learned from the driver that he had been on quite the adventure that day, accompanying some dogs that were being delivered to a rescue in Pennsylvania.  I quickly brought him upstairs thinking he’d need to use the potty!  I set him down in front of the crate and opened the door.  My breath was taken away at my first full sight of him – the poor thing was so incredibly thin.

I could feel all of his ribs and bones... poor guy.

I could feel all of his ribs and bones… poor guy.

I tried not to let this get to me too much, but made a vow right then and there that we would try and fatten him up nice and good!  (But not *too* fat!)  At this point, Tuggie (our most dominant cat) has run up to the top of the loft in the bedroom to hide (he does this when we dog sit our neighbor’s dog, Benson).  For being such a fierce little thing he sure is a scaredy!  Jack was also hiding at this point.  Cricket did surprisingly well – she and Tuggie are the two that don’t get a along.  Jack of course was just being typical Jack, hiding under the bed.  Nugget hid for a good while… but then he slinked out from the bedroom and approached the crate.  They touched noses with no  bad reaction!   This all was a very hopeful sight for me – maybe we can open our home to more cats in the future!

Nugget says hi to Jimmmy

Nugget says hi to Jimmmy

Melissa got home around seven, bringing with her a hammock (meant for ferrets) that we hung up in his crate for him.  He was so not aggressive that I had to just let him out of the cage for a while.  Tuggie was still hiding and the other cats didn’t have much of an adverse reaction to him, so letting him out supervised should be fine, right?  Right I was!  He followed both Melissa and I around, looking up and letting out some cute little meows.  I brought him over to the couch where he made himself quite comfortable and snuggled down and got cozy.  My heart burst with warmth and love to see that he was safe and sound and happy.

Fast asleep... he sleeps with his eye open!

Fast asleep… he sleeps with his eye open!

It’s been two days now since Jimmmy’s arrival, and while Tuggie is still being a brat, all else is going really well.  He spends the night in his crate without complaining.  He eats in his crate as well.  And we let him out supervised for several hours at a time.  Yesterday, he even managed to claim the most coveted spot in the apartment for a while – the moving platform/dolly underneath the dining room table!  That is one of Jack’s favorite spots… when he isn’t under the bed he’s on the moving platform/dolly.  You might ask why a moving platform, well, it is a cat person thing… once a cat has laid down on something and repeatedly goes to it, we can’t take it away!  (Whole Foods bags with their handles cut off is another thing that lasts long in this house!)

Jimmmy on the coveted platform

Jimmmy on the coveted platform

My hope from posting this story is that it inspires at least ONE of my readers to start fostering.  I’m telling you, if we can do it in our crazy cat house, YOU can do it.  This cat is perfectly wonderful and is going to make a super companion to someone or a family… I cannot believe he would have died on Wednesday if Empty Cages hadn’t stepped in… I simply can’t believe it.  So please, get in touch with your local rescue organizations and volunteer to open your heart and home to a foster.  Their lives *literally* depend on it.  <3  If you can’t foster, for whatever reason, please consider making a donation to a rescue to support their efforts.

If you are interested in ADOPTING Jimmmy, please get in touch with Empty Cages Collective (Jimmmy on Petfinder)

Here are some great rescues that are always looking for fosters:

Empty Cages Collective (NYC)

Liberty Humane Society (Jersey City)

Hudson County Animal League (Jersey City)

If you can’t foster, please donate!



A fostered cat is a happy cat!

A fostered cat is a happy cat!